Friday, September 11, 2009

Homeward Bound...

I walked through my house this afternoon taking it all in, the different rooms and all of their possibilities. How my walls have no pictures and the d├ęcor leaves much to be desired. We still have newspaper taped on windows! I’m realizing that after living here for the last three years my house still doesn’t feel like a home. Yes, we live here, my children are growing up here, and we have a lot of great memories, but I don’t know. Something is still missing.

The hard part is while I desire that “home” feeling I know this is not my home. Not somewhere we will stay. My husband and I have actively begun looking for homes. So maybe in the back of my mind is where my hard time resides. I don’t want to put more into this house than necessary because I know it’s temporary. But in the meantime I’m need to be able to create a home atmosphere for my family and myself.

A challenge I’m facing is a very, very tight budget. We are operating on a single income and don’t have much wiggle room. What I need to learn is how to make my visions come alive with little to no money.

With the season about to change and the holidays fast approaching I find myself wanting to seize the opportunity to start fresh. Take this house and turn it into the home that we deserve. Create an atmosphere that captures the feelings these upcoming seasons invoke. All while reflecting our character, style and creating traditions for our relatively new family.

So here’s the plan…

I’m going to declutter (using, of course), clean, organize, repurpose, and decorate. The goal is to refocus the functions and purpose of this house, rid the CHAOS, and finally create our home. I’m going to start in one room and take on each one a little at a time. Which one, has yet to be decided. I’m thinking to start in the obvious place, the living room. However, there are seven spaces so stay tuned.

Miracles & Blessings!


  1. Loved this post! Sorry didn't get to it sooner...had a trip to the ER. UGH

  2. Oh no! I hope all is well.

    Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. It's nice to have feedback. Especially since this is all new to me.


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